Sunday, 31 August 2014

Skincare made simple

Ah back to my old favourite, talking about skincare. But this time I'm done. No further adjustments necessary. I have found the holy grail of skincare and I want to tell you all about it. 

Remember I talked about linoleic acid and how important it is to acne prone skin? Well after a bit of trial and error, I decided that the only way forward for me was to ditch all oils that aren't high in LA. This meant finding a new way to moisturise my skin, as I couldn't be certain of the values in commercially made moisturiser, even the best ones.

Enter Hemp Seed Oil.

This is a wonder product, the right balance of oily and dry. I clean my face with it, moisturise my whole self with it, use it as a hair styling product and on wounds to promote healing.
After a rocky few weeks of some sort of adjustment, where the skin on my forehead became very dry, my skin revealed itself to be perfect. At the same time I also stopped using harsh spot killers, and resumed using rosewater as a hydrosol to help the oil absorb better. 

So now I cleanse my face (once in the AM, twice in the PM) using the oil cleansing method with hemp oil and a hot flannel (hot is important). Then I spritz with rosewater and apply 6-7 drops of hemp oil to my damp face, massaging it in until it has absorbed. In the morning I add a tiny dab of a rose eye gel. 

That is it. Well, I drink at least 4 litres of liquid a day as well. Hydration is important.

It has been nearly 2 months now, and I am so happy with the results. The most notable effect has been the dramatic reduction of my acne. Bar some monthly hormonal acne that is helped by eating a moderate amount of soy, the rest is totally gone. The odd spot that does appear disappears with speed and virtually no trace. The sebaceous filaments on my nose and cheeks are so much better.  In the pictures below you can see what my skin looks like at the moment. Diet is also still very important for my skin, but the flare ups as a result of not managing that properly (too much travelling) have not been anywhere near as bad as in the past.

My skin as a result looks younger and fresher. My foundation looks much better on. And lasts better. Bonus: I need hardly any concealer! The key to all this is good quality hemp seed oil (organic is preferable) and taking the time for a good cleanse, especially in the evening.

Forget your expensive lotions and potions and opt for a good quality oil and a decent flannel instead. Your skin will thank you, and so will your purse. 

Hemp Oil (Hanf Öl) by Fandler. Flannels from Ikea. Rosewater and eye gel by Melvita. 

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