Monday, 12 May 2014

USA Trip 2014: Philadelphia, P.A.

Over the Easter holidays, The Beard and I took a little trip out to the USA. We did a little tour of the East Coast, taking in Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City. As is the way for two people with a passion for photography, we took rather a lot of photos between us - somewhere close to 4000! I wanted to share our trip, so each city has it's own post complete with edited photographic highlights and a link to the bigger album, should your curiosity get the better of you!

Philadelphia, P.A.

Home of the Philly Cheese Steaks! Which we did eat, but were so hungry that we totally forgot to photograph them before we started!! I can only say that they were amazing - if you find yourself in Philadelphia, check out Campos - I'm not sure how they compare to others, but to me they tasted amazing!

Another place we went that we didn't photograph was Mac's Tavern. Owned by the guys from "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia", this was a must visit on our itinerary!

I really liked Philadelphia. It is a nice, small city (well, the centre is) with a lot of historic charm. Typical touristy things to do in Philly include the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Love Park and the Museum of Art (where the Rocky statue is). There is also a stunning collection of Rodin sculpture in the Rodin Museum.

The thing I loved most about Philadephia was the architecture. There are just so many old buildings, ranging from Colonial to modern, with loads of inter and post war buildings.

We left Philadelphia the way we arrived, via 30th Street Station.

You can check out my whole Philadelphia album here.

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