Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunday Round Up #1

I like the idea of a round up of the week/weekend. So here goes!

I am going to try blogging more often, life has been crazy but I feel a bit more ready to get back into it.

So a week ago we'd not long been home from our trip to the USA, more on that to come! This last week has been a mix of jet lag, tiredness and a lot of work, all contributing to a big meeting tomorrow. This has meant that today I've travelled to Innsbruck to our office there.

Thursday 1st May was a public holiday across much of Europe, and in honour of the stunning sunshine I headed out to meet a friend for drinks. Which became too many drinks and I was glad I opted to work from home on Friday as my hangover was a little intense!

The weekend has seen a decline in the weather, beginning on Friday with a 3 hour thunderstorm which was amazing to watch! My poor kitties were less than impressed, especially as the storm kept stopping for long enough for them to feel safer and then resuming!

However, despite the slightly gloomy weather yesterday, The Beard and I made it to the market for some fruit, veg and eggs, and we also went for our first run together. I headed out into town to pick up some eye shadow from the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection, collect some tickets for various festivals and visit the vegan supermarket. All in all a very productive day!

Today started with a fry up, and then our prospective new cleaner came round to clean the flat, then I had to get my train. Once I'd done a little prep for tomorrow, I spent the rest of the journey watching Star Trek: TNG Season 1.

I'm here until Tuesday, then have a bit of a busy week ahead. I have loads of blog posts that I want to write, as I did a fair bit of shopping in the USA! I also need to write up our travels. So I think I'll be busy!

I hope your weekends have been as productive/nice, and your weeks ahead are full of promise!

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