Monday, 17 February 2014

Unexpected new boots!

Alas, my beloved New Rocks have once again revealed the true extent of the hardwearing I put them through and they need a trip to the cobblers. This time it is the zips, which have been slowly threatening a mutiny, finally achieved in the security part of Vienna airport, on our way to Sweden.

A frantic diversion of my planned shopping activities was required, and thankfully the little street containing a goth/metal shop and 2 equally rocky boot stores was right in the centre. The Beard spotted these babies in the sale rack of the third store we went into and I was so glad he did!

If there is one thing guaranteed to bring out the worst in me, it is shoe shopping. Unplanned shoe shopping. Having spent a lifetime hearing the phrase "we don't stock those in that size", and variations of, I have a small wardrobe of footwear. DMs, New Rocks, Birkenstocks, Reefs (sadly discontinued in my size now but my 14 year old pair are still going strong)... all of these were carefully selected with research and time. Even my more feminine shoes were purchased following research and trying on, and come from repeat brands. Once I know which brands make shoes that fit, I keep buying from them. It isn't loyalty per se, just practicality.

No, unplanned shoe shopping and me do not mix. Especially when you aren't that keen to part with serious bucks to find something (thing about shopping in Sweden? Everything except the domestic brands are expensive. Like really expensive.). So when The Beard found these, in my size, in the sale rack, for a bargainous 500 SEK, I was hopeful. At first try on they felt huge, but predictably the size down was too small.

Now I've been wearing them for a while, actually they aren't that wide or sloppy, and are actually really comfortable. There is room for thicker socks, but they are equally comfy with thinner ones. The shorter height makes them ideal for the whole year, whereas my DMs and New Rocks become relegated to the closet in the hotter summer months.

Even better, they look great with the black LTS jeans I bought that I'm never quite sure about - they are a weird cut and possibly slightly too big for me, meaning that they really don't work with knee high boots. They also look great with skirts and dresses - I wore them with the black dress I bought from Dorothy Perkins the other day. The outfit does make me think a lot of Enid from the Worst Witch books, but as she was one of my childhood heroes, that can only be a good thing (and the 90s are in right....)!

I shall be taking my New Rocks to the cobblers this week to get a quote on the repair (they also need a new leather lining as that is also worn away), and I am hopeful that it will be reasonable - a brand new pair will cost me around €350 so plenty of leeway for making these ones good. But in the meantime I know my feet are well taken care of!

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