Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I've been a bit slack on the sugar front..

Over Christmas I indulged in some sweet treats and sort of fell off the wagon. What with quitting dairy trying to do more than one thing at a time felt too hard.

I also put on about 3kgs (or 6lbs/half a stone for the imperial amongst us) which I have struggled to lose again.

So now I'm content with the lack of dairy (it has taken a few months, but I think I'm there), I can go back to the minimal sugar. I say minimal because no sugar is too difficult and as my problem is likely insulin related I can't replace with dextrose. So, minimal sugar for treats only. And bread. I buy this delicious sandwich loaf that is sour dough and rye but it has a little sugar in it. The 'of which sugars' is 3g per 100g so not too bad actually, which is why I will allow it to stay.

But this means that the sugary treats have to go, and I need to eat more veg and good fats. And no more Manner wafers! At least once a week won't hurt....

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  1. I do eat dairy but I eat very little sugar and starch. I have to make sure I don't keep it in the house at all so I am not tempted. I have to eat gluten free, but in order to save myself from gaining weight, I also have to drastically limit the sugar and starch in my diet. If I eat protein, healthy fats and vegetables I don't have to go hungry. I was once vegan for several years. I gained tons of weight on a vegan diet because I was so hungry I ate tons of whole grains and beans.


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