Friday, 20 December 2013

Volbeat @ Wiener Stadthalle November 17th 2013

I meant to write this post just after the gig, as I usually do, but I have been so busy with work that I haven't quite found the time!

They started with a real banjo player!

The set was really cool, and kept changing as the gig went on.

No gig is complete without fire. I mean c'mon.

There were lots and lots and lots of lights. Sometimes in our eyes.

 So... It was awesome!

I bumped into a couple of friends which was cool. We ended up stood quite far back which wasn't ideal for me as I was waiting for my new contacts to arrive so I could see better, but oh well! I don't need to be able to see to enjoy!

It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately the venue wasn't great - it was too big for an Austrian crowd who weren't really interested in moving at all. You watch videos of Volbeat playing live at Rock am Ring or other gigs and the crowd is 100% alive. This was not the case that night in Vienna, but to be honest I've been to a lot of gigs in Vienna where that is the case. Austrians appear to have a reluctance to mosh! When I went to see Killswitch Engage, a small pit started up, and as I'd had a few white wine spritzers, I thought it would be a fab idea to join in. As soon as a guy pushing me realised I was female he backed off hurriedly as if I would break if he pushed too hard; the look on his face was priceless! And then the pit was over after about 30 seconds.

Still, Volbeat killed it. The set list was varied, and covered a good portion of the latest album, as well as classic tracks off their previous ones. I was particularly pleased that they played "Garden's Tale" as that is one of my favourite songs.

I will definitely go to see them again, and next time maybe head up a bit more towards the front. I really enjoyed myself, but I do sometimes wonder what the experience would have been at the front....

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