Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A look back at 2013 part 1

2013 has been quite a year!! While I wouldn't go as far as to say it has been a terrible year, it certainly couldn't be described as good either. Not across the board anyway.

I was going to write loads, but looking back over my photos I'll just leave it to them to tell the story....

It snowed a lot in January, and was very very cold.
I went to an outdoor concert in -13 degree weather!

I turned 30 and celebrated by having the flu.

Amongst all the cool things I got for my birthday, this was possibly the most awesome!

We adopted this little monster and named her Zelda. As you do.

I started my first job in Vienna - the view outside the office on my first day.

 It appears nothing noteworthy happened in March.

My hair went from this....
to this.....
And then to this!

It snowed some more in April

The Beard and I went to see Eels...

And I saw Killswitch Engage

I also handed in my thesis (3 days early for the first time in my life), and unfortunately the Beard's father died. 


Mum came to visit for a weekend and we drank Pimms and gin in the park

We had to go to Sweden to cremate The Beard's father, but the weather there was stunning.

Look what I found in the Systembolaget!

I went to Innsbruck for the conference I organised for over 100 people from 50 countries....

The meeting was a roaring success!

We took some time off after the meeting to spend with friends from Sweden...
Which of course meant breakfast at Schwarzenburg.


I went to the UK and drank Swedish Cider.

And went to the Speedway GP in Cardiff with my family.

We went to a really nice proper pub in the English countryside for a nice roast dinner of Cornish lamb (we weren't in Cornwall)

Back in Vienna, we watched the Sweden football team fan club march from Schwedenplatz to the stadium for the first leg of their World Cup qualifier. We watched it at a friend's house. Sweden lost..

So that was the first 6 months of my 2013. Stay tuned for part 2!

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