Saturday, 16 November 2013

balanceMe haul

I was really pleased to walk into my local Mueller store at Landstrasse and find the balanceMe range for sale in their natural skincare section. I'd been thinking about ordering some from but wasn't sure.

But then I was browsing on Love Lula for a new moisturiser, and after entering hydrating, chanced upon the balanceMe Balancing Day Cream, which is designed for combination to oily skin.

Cue me deciding to splash out on a range of products.

I bought the Balancing Day Cream, for my very fussy skin, the Congested Skin Serum, to help keep those spots at bay/deal with the ones I already have, and the Radiance Skin Oil, because it comes so highly recommended. I later went back and bought the Radiance Face Mask as well.

I've been using them for nearly a month now and boy am I impressed!

balanceMe Balancing Day Cream

I have stupidly fussy skin. Despite me being an obsessive water drinker and supplement taker, it is pretty dehydrated, but doesn't play nice with hyaluronic acid. The much coveted Hydraluron broke me out, and the alternatives I can get here don't sit well either. My skin can behave like it is dry, but if I use too heavy a moisturiser, I end up with my make up all over the place. I thought I'd give this Balancing Day Cream a go, because the ingredients sounded exactly what my skin needed. A lot of moisturisers I find here, even for combination skins, contain shea butter, which is something my skin hates. But this has none, but has some lovely oils that nourish my skin enough without leaving it greasy. I liked the sound of hydrating as well!

So far so good. I don't need a great deal to leave my skin feeling perfect, and ready for make up. This is a brilliant under make up moisturiser as it does sink in well and helps control the oil throughout the day. I use MAC's Studio Fix Fluid and I find with this moisturiser it lasts a good 10 hours looking perfect, which is excellent for a foundation. Best of all, no break outs. This truly is my holy grail moisturiser!

balanceMe Congested Skin Serum

I bought this a little on a whim, but I have been looking for a good spot treatment for a while. The ingredients in this sounded good, but without being too harsh. I use this all over my spotty areas before I moisturise morning and night, and it has made a difference to the healing time of my skin. It is a light gel like serum that sinks immediately into the skin. It also smells like lemon

I've mentioned in other posts that my acne is definitely caused by hormones and what I put on my skin has little impact aside from a couple of things my fussy skin definitely can't tolerate, but this serum really helps pull spots out from the layers of my skin and forces them to heal faster. It is a light serum that absorbs fast, and smells gorgeous!

balanceMe Radiance Skin Oil

I've been using oil as a night moisturiser for a while, but the lure of this got me. I almost didn't buy it, but I know Caroline Hirons swears by it for spots, even those deep cystic ones that never seem to go anywhere. The oil combination is fantastic, and includes grapeseed, sweet almond and rosehip, but in quantities that are good for skin, and are perfect, even for combination skin like mine. You really don't need much of this either, so although the price for the bottle might be a little tear inducing, it will last a long time. Just 2-4 drops from the pipette in the lid is plenty

Using this has also helped with the healing time of my skin - the scars from my acne are fading nicely, and my skin feels good every morning when I wake up. The Roman Chammomile oil definitely helps calm my skin as well. All in all, this is an excellent product, and well worth the price tag.

balanceMe Radiance Face Mask

I went back and bought this after deciding my skin needed a little extra. I wasn't 100% sure about it, as it contains some fruit acids and my skin is not particularly tolerant of acid exfoliation. But it gets good reviews and I liked the sound of something helping achieve radiance. As I use clay every morning to wash with I never feel like I need a mask that is going to really deep cleanse, but I do like something that will inject a little extra boost into my skin.

This comes in a tube, which makes it easy to dispense. After confusing myself with application (I used a brush then read the instructions which say to massage into the skin), I left it on for 5 minutes while I pottered around doing other things. You have to massage it in so that the crushed walnut shells work their magic along with the fruit acids. It doesn't dry out, there was only tiny bit of tingling, and the smell was nice. Five minutes isn't a long time anyway! I removed the mask as per the instructions, with a warm flannel, and then splashed my face with fresh water. I noticed an instant improvement in the texture of my skin and the visibility of the scars on my face. Everything felt and looked smoother and well, more radiant!

I will probably only use this once a week, because I use a flannel to wash with so my skin gets a mild exfoliation every day. As my skin is particularly sensitive to exfoliation I have to be careful not to overdo it, but I reckon that someone with normal skin could do this up to twice a week.

My overall impression of balanceMe products is that they are totally Ronseal - do what they say on the tin. Everything has lived up to the claim on the packaging so far, and I am so glad they started selling the range in a store here! Not that if they don't continue (the last new brand to go into Mueller didn't last long) I would stop using the products - there is always the fabulous to buy from!

That little lot might have set me back a pretty penny or two, but it has been totally worth it!

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