Sunday, 27 October 2013

The internet is a blessed and cursed place

I came across a place on the internet that I can believe but can't believe exists, if you know what I mean.

Most bloggers are probably totally aware of this place, but I have lived in blissful ignorance up until now. This forum exists purely to trash talk the Youtubers and Bloggers out there. According to some people on this site it exists to call out bloggers/gurus who are full of bs, but I've seen comments on there that are purely about appearance.

I can believe that this place exists, because there are some seriously mean spirited humans out there, but I still can't believe that there is a place dedicated to trashing other people. It is just horrible.

I read a fair few blogs (I don't do Youtube so much because honestly, people talking about products and their lives bores the crap outta me) and I don't necessarily think that every one I read is amazing, or full of sage advice that I won't find anywhere else. But that isn't why I read them. I like reading other people's takes on stuff, even if it is the same overall opinion as mine. I like reading lots of different things because sometimes you just find that tiny bit of inspiration. I don't think that every blog I read is gospel truth, or even that well written. I often have to restrain myself from commenting on poor grammar and spelling (what is up with that by the way? It is like the internet has removed the requirement to be able to spell and construct a sentence properly), mainly because I don't always have time to check my own spelling and grammar that well, although I try my best, and my bf does usually read my posts and point out the mistakes to me (the joys of living with an editor!).

But I wouldn't go online to name and shame. I don't think people should be trash talked ever. Constructive criticism directly on a person's blog is one thing, but going to a specific site to basically bitch about someone is a totally different thing. No matter how much these people tell themselves that they are doing other people a favour, and are just calling out the bs, they really aren't.

I suspect a lot of these posters on this site are women, and that makes me even sadder.

Just. No. Need.

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