Monday, 28 October 2013

Grapeseed oil, the wonder skin product

We all know how good oils are for our skin right? But maybe, like me, you've found that your skin doesn't react that well to some oils. I have very weirdly sensitive skin that clogs easily, so I have to be really careful that the oils I use can be absorbed easily by my skin, or removed without leaving residue.

Enter grapeseed oil. I read a couple of reviews of it for acne prone skin and thought I'd give it a go. Austria is a wine producing country so getting grapeseed oil should be easy. I buy mine in Spar, and it is from their Premium range. You can also buy grapeseed oil from cosmetic companies such as Primavera (I buy their essential oils), but it is much cheaper in the supermarket. I also prefer to use food grade oils on my skin, on the basis that food grade oils can be ingested, so the quality is assured.

Pumpkins and Grapes, two big Austrian crops

The Spar Premium Grapeseed Oil is cold pressed, which means it is full of all the good ingredients, and hasn't been procured with any chemicals. Much better for our skin. It is a beautiful dark green colour, and smells faintly of wine (not always that good when you've had a few and are just trying to get your make up off), but the smell isn't overpowering and I certainly got used to it after a little while.

I use this stuff for everything - removing make up, second cleanse, moisturising (with added oils), mixing with clay and water for my morning cleanse...

The best thing about grapeseed oil is that it is mildly astringent, and has excellent anti inflammatory properties. Which makes it excellent for acne sufferers, as it helps to reduce the spots. It is also really nourishing to the skin, which helps keep it hydrated. I've found my oil production is much better regulated since I started using this oil on a daily basis, so much so that I can now go without much powder after foundation and concealer (I still use a little just to set the concealer).

I don't really know the science behind why it works, I am no scientist! But I can tell you that this is the best oil for cleansing my temperamental, sensitive, acne prone skin.

Check your local supermarket oil aisle. Go for cold pressed, and organic if available. The Spar Premium Grapeseed Oil cost me €6.99 for 100ml, and that lasts me around 1 month.

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