Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Currently Listening To Office Edition: August 26th

I listen to different stuff depending on where I am. On my work computer I have a folder of music that I selected to play on shuffle at The Beard's 30th birthday party 2 years ago. I picked the songs based on a few criteria, including shared appreciation, stuff from our younger days, songs describing our relationship, and Swedish music (but no ABBA).
It is huge (enough music for I think 6 hours) so I won't tell you every song in it today, but as it can be the most random shuffle ever I thought I'd share the first 10 that come up one day every week.

So today's first 10 were....

Skindred "Nobody"

George Michael "Amazing"

Limp Bizkit "Faith"

Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett "New York, New York"

Vanilla Ice "Too Cold" (this is the metal version of Ice Ice Baby)

Frank Sinatra "Come Fly With Me"

Bomfunk MCs "Freestyler"

No Doubt "Bathwater"

Living In A Box "Living In A Box"

Metallica "Whiskey in the Jar"

A pretty mixed bag no? Come back next week to find out what the workplace playlist has in store for me!

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