Tuesday, 30 July 2013

More exciting beauty finds!

I seem to be a bit beauty product obsessed at the moment. Like really. I think it should all calm down a little bit now, I seem to go on these splurges where I'm all about finding new things and trying them out, but then I'll go months and months before I buy anything other than replacements.

Catrice LE Eye shadow in C03 Jungle Treasure (from the Glamazona collection)

I picked this up because it looked fairly similar in shade to the Fyrrinae Evocation which I have a small pot of and I love. Its a little more goldy than Evocation. I have found myself wearing this a lot, as its a really easy colour to just pop on when I'm in a rush in the morning with a bit of black kohl.

The quality is really good, far better than you might expect for an eye shadow that costs approximately €3! I find it lasts all day without creasing or fading. It is also perfect with my new hair colour and my slight summer tan.

Essence Sun Club Large Matt Bronzer for Blondes

I was looking for a matt bronzer the other day and was going to buy the GOSH one. But something made me pop into DM first, thinking I'd see what Catrice had to offer, but the store I went to didn't have a stand. But they did have an essence stand so I bought this for the princely sum of around €4. I need a bronzer at the moment to compensate for the difference in colour between my tanned skin and my foundation. I like this one because it is designed for lighter skins, so it isn't too orange, or too dark. In fact, it is just perfect, and it smells of coconut sun lotion!

Alverde Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Body Lotion

After the hideous sunburn of the other week, I've been slathering on moisturiser like it's going out of fashion. This stuff smells amazing, and leaves my skin feeling really soft, without feeling oily, which is an especially important trait in this heat! Another bargain for under €3!

And finally....


Not a product per se, but a great website featuring only the best in organic and natural skin care products. I think I saw this on Beauty Mouth or it might have been a Google search gone right, but I am so happy I did. I have long been a fan of Neal's Yard Remedies products but alas since moving to Austria I haven't been able to indulge, as it has been difficult to find anyone that ships for a reasonable price (NYR do ship here for a fairly hefty sum or you can pay the lower cost of uninsured postage if you call to order but the cost of calling isn't cheap either!). This is what was so exciting about LoveLula... they ship NYR to Austria for under £5! So I've ordered a jar of their Frankincense Nourishing Cream, which was my favourite cream back in the day (ok, until about 2 years ago). It has none of the ingredients that I know are triggers to my skin, and I know the smell is divine.
I've also ordered some sensitive skin moisturiser made by Herbfarmacy,  I'll let you know what I think of them when I've been using them for a bit!
Rather impressively, I placed my order last night and I received an email first thing this morning to say it had been dispatched. Not sure how long it will be, its at the mercy of the continental postage system, but really impressed with LoveLula!

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