Sunday, 28 July 2013

It's still hot!

This weekend it is Austria's turn to have a heatwave. Only for us, heatwaves start at 36 degrees. Yesterday when we were out running errands (in air conditioned shopping malls thank goodness) it was showing 40 degrees on the display at the station by us. When we went out at 6pm to sit by the river, the temp was showing as 38. 38 at 6pm!

Thankfully yesterday we sorted out our air conditioning outlet thingy, so we now can move it between our living room and the bedroom to ensure we have a cool nights sleep. Absolute bliss if you ask me, there is nothing worse that trying to sleep in a pool of your own sweat!

But yesterday evening we headed down to the river, which is 2 stops on the metro from us (or if we didn't feel that cycling would be a major chore in this heat it is really close), and set up in a spot on the far side of the Neue Donau, in front of the UN area. Its a lovely spot, with steps down into the water and plenty of grass to lie around on. Throw in a couple of chilled beers and a book and all is complete!

The view from our spot at around 7pm. The sun does go down really fast and early here, so by 8pm the light was beginning to fade and the sun heading towards the horizon. By the time we'd packed up and walked to the tube station this was the sight that greeted us as we waited for the train:

It really is lovely out there though, so we've been inspired to spend more time by the river. I may have to this week as a gym substitute, as my gym doesn't have air conditioning and its too hot to work out without! A nice cooling swim is much more fun!

How are you enjoying the weather where you are? Is it sunny or raining?

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