Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Weekword: Element

OK so sorry this is late, I drafted it and forgot to schedule it!

Occassionally I like to play along with some of the blog round robins that go on, but truthfully I forget about them a lot!

This week though, the lovely Sally at Sew and Sow was the host of Weekword and picked the word ELEMENT.

This seemed like an opportune moment to join in, because my upcoming trip to the Netherlands/Belgium next month is very much focussed around Elements... the Within Temptation concert in Antwerp that is!

This concert will be pretty awesome I think, and for me extra special because I get to share it with 2 of my favourite people; my Mum and The Beard. As soon as the gig was announced the Beard said we had to go, no question, as I didn't get to see WT at Nova Rock due to the weather.

The show, on 13/11/12, is called Elements, and will celebrate 15 years of Within Temptation. The concert will feature a live orchestra, and special guest stars. Within Temptation have done this kind of concert before, with Java Island in Amsterdam and The Black Symphony in Rotterdam, but this is promising to be bigger and better than before!

The band are keeping very tight lipped on what the Elements theme is all about, and while they are doing some try out gigs before the main event, I suspect they will just be standard gigs without all the frippery that the Elements concert will have.

You can find out more about the concert (I think there are still tickets available) on Within Temptation's website, or on the Facebook page for the gig.

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  1. Sounds great, and "The Beard" is taking you and your Mum. Have a great time.


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