Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I was always a bit sceptical about jeggings. I have loads of pairs of leggings that I wear with skirts all the time, but jeggings seemed somewhat alien. Not quite a jean, not quite a legging. What are they?

Well that was until I decided that I'd love a new pair of skinny jeans. Trouble is, even though I have lovely long slim legs, they aren't slim enough and are too long for most high street retailers. Long Tall Sally have 1 pair of black skinnies in their range, but they are very expensive, and I just don't have that kind of money right now.

Eden Ultra Soft Jegging
So when I read on another blog that Dorothy Perkins were still making a very limited range of clothing for tall women and that included some lovely soft but good thickness jeggings, I jumped at the chance to own a pair. On closer examination the jeggings revealed themselves to have jean like detailing at the waistband, which unlike many other jeggings, were not ruched. Best news yet? Only £23.

So... not knowing what size I would be (can you tell how long it is since I bought trousers!) I ordered a 16 and a 14, hoping that one would fit. I'm glad I didn't trust the Dorothy Perkins online size chart, because comparing my measurements to that put me in a size 16, and when they arrived this morning the size 14 fitted like a dream. So much so that I immediately ordered a second pair (for some reason the DPs site isn't charging me for international delivery which is even better)!

I've been wearing them today with my long grey LTS jumper I've had for years and they are supremely comfortable. And suprisingly warm! The weather has been pretty cold today in Vienna, foggy too, and walking from my class to the train my legs didn't feel cold at all.

I think these are the first trousers I have bought since Autumn/Winter 2010 (and they were work trousers), and the first jeans I have bought since Christmas 2009. I love them! I feel really different wearing them than when I wear skirts, and I think they will do well with both long tops and regular tops. They aren't obviously jeggings either, the detailing is really good, and they look as good with heels as they do tucked into my boots.

A must buy I think, for easy dressing, whether casual or dressy.

Eden Ultra Soft Jeggings, available from www.dorothyperkins.co.uk

Will try and get some outfit posts up over the next few days!

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  1. I'm not a fan of jeggings myself but these are gorgeous. I'm thinking of getting a pair myself.


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