Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My TV Reviews: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Ages ago a friend asked me if I'd start doing some reviews of tv, rubbish or not. So here we are.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a series written, produced and acted by the same team, about a bunch of friends running a bar. It is wrong. So wrong. So wrong it is almost funny. Actually, it's very funny. When you aren't cringeing because it is so wrong.

The Beard is rather fond of this series. I think its a bit hit and miss but he likes random stuff and will watch things even if they are bad. Like Naked Nuns With Guns, and American Horror Story.

I think with It's Always Sunny I have to be in the right mood to watch it. It is a series that really, truly cuts close to acceptable social morals. It skirts in dark places, and some days, when I feel a bit ranty and right on, it really isn't the thing I should be watching. Give me a few beers so I can let go of the uptight side of me and I will be laughing out loud.

The good thing about the series is that the episodes are short. It is the kind of thing we slot in between putting the rice on to cook and dishing up. It isn't as intellectually stimulating as South Park, but it is a nice time filler. Plus, it's always good to show it to people who've never seen it before, just to watch their reaction. Does that make me a bit weird?

Anyway, my favourite episode is the one where they form a glam rock band. Unfortunately I can't find a clip of it on Youtube, but luckily for you, it becomes a bit of a recurring theme at one point. So much so that the song they sing becomes the central tune in one of the character's musical (which he writes to win the heart of the girl he is stalking).  Watch this clip and you'll have this sodding song stuck in your head for the rest of eternity.

So yeah. Other highlights include the first episode where they try to drum up more custom for their bar (the first episode), the one where they find a box of nazi memorabilia, and of course the musical episode.

I have lost track of which season they are on right now, but another starts in the autumn.

We love it, and so should you. 

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