Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Modest Soiree and a new dress

Wednesday was LoveAudrey's birthday and I spent a lovely evening with her in a local pub. The invite said glamourous attire was essential, and the pub is lovely (one of our dear friends is in charge too!) so of course I had to find something appropriate!

As it happens, I'd started making a dress a couple of months ago, that had been put aside due to making a small error in the pattern cutting and it not really fitting... it was half finished and I haven't had time to deal with it so far. Tuesday night I decided, would be set aside to completing this creation, because I wanted to wear it to the pub last night. To my joy, I appear to have lost weight around my middle (where the problem was) sufficiently to just be able to sew the dress up as intended!

So here is it is:

And I was going to take loads of pictures of the night out, but I totally failed!! Too busy chatting and drinking (cola)!!

We had an ace night, and it was nice to get out to the pub!

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  1. You looked FABULOUS and I am in awe of your dressmaking skills!

    Loveaudrey xXx


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