Monday, 28 March 2011

Red triangles and green stars

This week's green stars:

  • The £50 Debenhams voucher that O2 are giving me for signing up for a 12 month Simplicty contract. I've saved myself £15 a month on my phone bill as well!
  • The bargainous MAC order from Debenhams - making use of the 10% off when you bought 2 products online plus the free delivery option for Beauty Card holders made for a bit of a bargain on my new foundation and concealer. 
  • The hair dye colour mix I did this month - The perfect burgundy shade. 
  • The sunshine! Yay for spring! 
  • Spending a couple of hours dusting on Saturday - the house just feels nicer. 
  • Lamb Passanda from this recipe - delicious and healthy (substitute ghee for veg/coconut oil and use Total 0% Greek yoghurt, add in aubergine, sweet potato, mushrooms, and spinach)
  • MAC Rain of Flowers nail polish. 
  • Tiramisu cupcakes from ChefChloe via the Kind Life via my mate Kris!
  • True Blood marathons. Although not enough Eric ;)

Red triangles:
  • More essay.... 2000 words on performance management and learning in development management. Urgh. 
  • The sunshine - it has brought pollen with it.
  • My skin being a bit crappy, probably due to stress and tiredness. 
  • Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation. Can we say oxidisation much? Within an hour I went from normal to considerably darker...
  • Catching my beautiful broderie anglaise skirt on the door handle this morning and ripping it a little. Nothing that isn't fixable but annoying nevertheless. 
  • Bah. Just bah.
(in case you are wondering about the red triangles and green stars, they are visual representations of good and bad performance used in many performance management systems - I'm such a geek!)

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