Monday, 21 February 2011

The best and the worst of things

It is almost the end of February and another month has flown by so quickly.
Here are my current best and worst of things!

The Best:
  • Skirts - skirts absolutely rock and nothing rocks more than a skirt you have made yourself. 
  • My boyfriend, who is warm and fuzzy (in more ways than one!) and keeps me going when I feel like everything is too much. 
  • Stone Sour - oh god I love this band. Corey Taylor's voice makes me melt into a puddle and I have been listening to their latest album, Audio Secrecy pretty much non stop all weekend. The residents of St James may have spotted me dancing along the street on Saturday morning - this is what I was listening to!
  • The Wagamama Cookbook - some friends bought us this for Christmas and I made my first dish from it last week - rousing success and one of the scrummiest stir frys I have cooked in ages. 
  • Sunny spring days like Saturday morning was - it was so lovely to be out in just a tshirt! 
  • The Healthy Skin Diet book (I mentioned this in my last post) - although I haven't properly started the 8 week programme yet, I've taken a few tips from the book and am implementing them now. My skin is clearing up fantastically, and I have high hopes for the actual programme. 
  • Weleda Almond Skin Care - for sensitive skin that needs rebalancing, this is one of the first sensitive skin ranges I have ever used that doesn't assume that you need heaps of moisturising oils - it sinks into the skin wonderfully and is a great base for make up. Since using it my skin has become so much clearer and heals so much faster. 
  • China Glaze Fairy Dust nail polish - I bought this the other week and have only just had a chance to try it. I used it on top of China Glaze Little Drummer Boy as recommended by a few other people and oh boy it is stunning! 

The Worst:

  • The rain! Today it is bucketing down! 
  • Cleaning - worth it once it is done but so dull and tedious! 
  • Money. It sucks. There never seems to be enough of it! 
  • Uni assignments. Don't get me wrong, I am loving my courses but I hate writing assignments! I have 2 due in 4 and 5 weeks. 

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