Thursday, 23 October 2014

Twenty-four photos in twelve hours?

At the end of September, on the spur of the moment, The Beard and I decided to join the Vienna Photo Marathon. The idea is that you have 24 themes, and you have to take a photo for each theme, in order. And you have 12 hours to do it in. 

There is no editing, no post processing, and everything has to be shot in JPG. The only things you are allowed to do to your photos are the things that your camera will do before you take the picture, like change the colour settings to shoot in monochrome or other fancy setting. Oh, and you can rotate them (my camera is set to auto rotate but I have no idea whether it actually works or not!). 

The Sunday dawned somewhat foggy, but by 9am when we went to pick up our memory card and the themes, the mist was clearing. The day turned out to be the best weather possible for photography, with beautiful clear skies and air. It was a LONG day - we were on our feet for nearly the whole 12 hours. With hindsight we could have done with sitting down a little at the beginning and planning something more structured, but oh well, you live and learn!

We will definitely take part again next year, as we had a lot of fun. A lot of people were bringing all kinds of costumes and actors etc to the event, photographing them in all different scenarios, but we both took the approach of a giant photographic scavenger hunt. We also kept our kit to a minimum, as it was hard work carrying a load of stuff around all the time!

I was quite pleased with the results! Taking part has really encouraged me to get out with the camera and photograph more, because there are so many cool things to look at here! 

morgens in Wien / mornings in Vienna

nachdenklich / contemplative

am Spielplatz / at the playground

es wird gebaut / under construction

Fotografie ist Abenteur / Photography is an adventure

im Burggarten / in Burggarten

Der Golf. Das Auto. / The Golf. The Car.

herbstliches Wien / autumnal Vienna

in der Mitte / in the middle

mehr Menschlichkeit für Tiere / more humanity for animals

zusammen / together

ICH BIN das ultimative Selfie / I AM the ultimate selfie

eingezäunt / enclosed

gelb / yellow

Kunst / Art

Wunder der Technik / wonder of technology

Wenn ich könnte, wie ich wollte... / if I could, I would...

Abdruck / cast

Kontakt / contact

Stein/steinig / Stone/stony

oben/unten / over/under

so geht's auch / that also works

vergessen / forgotten

fertig / finished

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