Friday, 18 January 2013

Losing something loved

Today I proved to myself, yet again, that I shouldn't be trusted with anything nice that represents anything.

My grandmother bought me a charm bracelet as a present when I passed my GCSEs. It originally had a grand piano charm, a shell with a pearl and a Cornish pasty, all representing me and my life. Then, when I passed my driving test, she bought me a car charm to go on the bracelet. At some point (I can't remember when, but probably Christmas one year), she bought me a Cornish Piskie for luck. Unfortunately I lost the piano many years ago, before I had the charms all soldered on properly. But I've kept hold of this bracelet for years now. I didn't wear it much after I started university, the charms dangled on the desk and annoyed me a bit when I wrote anything. My grandma passed away just before I graduated from university.

I recently started wearing it again, as a way of connecting myself with my home land. And today, I appear to have lost it.

I'm pretty certain I was wearing it when I left my German class, and given the sub zero temps I was wearing gloves. I took them off to go into the drugstore, and I am sure I felt the lining of my gloves catch on my bracelet. When I got home, I realised it was missing. The Beard and I retraced my steps, scouring the snow for it to no avail.

I've put a tweet out on Twitter in both languages, and I have hope that maybe the drugstore will have found it in the clean up after hours tonight, so I shall pop back in there tomorrow morning and check. In addition, it could have fallen off in my German class, but I have to wait until Monday to find out.

The bracelet isn't worth much, but the sentimental value is immense. I am so very pissed at myself right now.

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