Tuesday, 18 December 2012

REVIEW: Soil/Fozzy @ Szene, Vienna 12.12.12

And so it came to pass that the final gig of my epic gig going month arrived, and it was a mixed bag. You might notice from the title that there is a band missing. Sadly Breed 77 had to pull out of the tour, missing the last three dates, which sucked. I don't actually think I've been that disappointed since Jonathan Davies fell ill at Download 2006 and couldn't make Korn's set. I was so hyped up for seeing B77!
Anyway, I was there, and I had a ticket, so the show must go on right? I was quite looking forward to seeing Soil, I'd seen them once before (ironically at Download 2006, maybe they are a bad luck charm?) and what Fozzy I've listened to over the last couple of weeks I've liked, so, may as well enjoy it!
So, beer in hand, I made my way to the front of the pretty sparse crowd. Szene is a pretty small venue, not as small as Flex where I saw Lacuna Coil though. It wasn't a bad atmosphere but it obviously wasn't sold out and that was a bit of a shame.
Fozzy were first up. I had no preconceptions of the band, which was an interesting position to be in. I was incredibly curious to see what Chris Jericho would be like on stage, given that he's a wrestler and all. My first impressions were that he was a bit swaggery, and a bit arrogant. Don't get me wrong, he's got a decent voice and the whole band are great, but his wrestling past does sort of come across. This is more than likely a hang over from their origins as a mock rock band, but you know, they dropped the act a few years ago. 

However, after a little while Chris Jericho did something which put him waaaay up in my estimations: he did a little call and response from Queen's Live Killers album (which happens to be my favourite Queen album)! OK, he's no Freddie but I did a little squee when I heard it!
Overall the whole set was ace, it's fun, swagger rock which I keep finding stuck in my head!
Soil. What do I say about Soil? I love them. And I can't believe how long it is since Scars came out! I've always had a running joke about always hearing "Halo" at 1am, which makes that Soil time, but sadly with this gig Halo happened at about 11pm.
I was right at the front for this set, the only person in front of me was a girl with long hair that she kept flicking in my face! Anyway, such is the way of the gig. 

Most of the songs they played were off their first couple of albums, plus Drowning Pool's "37 Stitches" from singer Ryan McCombs' stint in that band.
By far and away the best moment was Halo, which began with McCombs singing but nowhere to be seen onstage. At the indication of the rest of the band we all turned around to see McCombs in the middle of the crowd. And there he stayed, while we all had a sing a long with him. Fucking Awesome.
They finished up with Ram Jam's Black Betty, a personal fave of mine because my Dad always used to play it in the car, which was pretty amazing.
My initial crushing disappointment at Breed 77 not being there soon gave way to elation at the great music I got to see. All in all, a fantastic night! 

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