Friday, 27 January 2012

Finding a new home

 So I spent a couple of hours last night looking through real estate in Vienna. We've narrowed down our search to a smaller number of districts, but there is still loads of choice within our budget. We may not get all the things we'd ideally like but as the only thing that we will not compromise on is the kitchen we shouldn't struggle. I have a nice list of flats saved on the Austrian equivalent of Rightmove, which I'll add to and check as the weeks go on. We're heading out in a few weeks to find somewhere and I like to be prepared! There are at least 3 on the list that I really really hope are still available when we go out there, one in particular that is near our favourite bar!

It's quite frustrating at this point because we still have a few weeks to go before we go to Vienna to actually look at flats and try to find somewhere to live, and there isn't an awful lot we can do about moving at this point in time, apart from starting to work out how everything we wish to take with us will get from here in Devon, to Austria. That is my task for the weekend - making a list of all the things so I can call some removal companies to come and give us some quotes.

I've also pretty much decided to sell my car before we go, so I have to work out how we're going to get ourselves and our stuff over to Vienna. Including a cat!

In the meantime, I sit and look at flats and try to imagine what my new living room will look like; what colour cushions I want, what quilts I want for our new bed, and how I will feel waking up in the morning and sipping my tea in a beautiful, spacious flat.


  1. So jealous you're moving to Vienna, I absolutely adore the place :).



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