Monday, 7 November 2011

Winter is well and truly upon us now!

I've been spending the last week at my parent's house helping out, as my mother had a hip replacement op a few weeks ago. My boss kindly let me work from 'home' for a week in order to do that, and I have to say it has been nice to work from such a pleasant place! I am looking forward to going home though, I have missed The Beard a lot, and my grumpy, loving kitty.

Even down here in Cornwall it has turned very cold all of a sudden, and my hasty packing started to feel a tad inadequate once the weather turned colder! I did remember to bring some gloves, which was a good thing, especially when I was waiting for the bus into town the other night.

The upshot of all this cold weather is that my skin has decided to become drier, as it does every year. I first noticed it when I just couldn't get my make up to sit right, and not matter what I did it just wouldn't play ball. So, new moisturiser has been purchased and the moment of truth will be tomorrow. I've been thinking about reviewing the skincare range I use for a while, so I'll wait a couple of weeks now and then I can pretty much review the entire range, as I'll have used all of it!

I continue to do well with Slimming World - if my parent's scales are to be believed (and there can be a 2lb margin of error for different scales) then I have lost a load more weight this week (which is why I'm slighly suspicious) and am only 7lbs from target. I have to wait until Wednesday to confirm that on my own scales though. I'll be really pleased if it is right, I didn't think I would lose much this week as a result of over indulgences earlier on, but we shall see!

I've been on my acne medication for nearly a month now and it is slowly starting to have an effect - I'm still getting spots, but they are smaller and there is less of them, plus they heal up quicker. I did have a doozy on the bridge of my nose at the weekend but I think that was hormone related. Thankfully it has been sunny so I've been able to wear sunglasses when I go out to cover it up! 

I finally made a skirt with some of the fabric I purchased a while ago - I'd put off making anything while I was losing weight, but I needed something to do this weekend in the absence of my usual tv and distractions, so I brought my stuff with me and made up a pleated skirt yesterday.

Friday sees my long awaited trip to London with my best friend to see Within Temptation! I have a new outfit (newly made skirt and sparkly top), and loads of plans of how to spend our time there. I will be taking loads of photos (better dig out the camera charger this week then!) and will report back next week with a full round up of what we get up to, including the gig (and I fully intend to hang out to meet the band afterwards like a teenage fan girl), the Imperial War Museum and Swedish sandwiches!

My only other thing to do this week is order some new corset laces as the ones in my new one aren't long enough. Well, they weren't last week anyway!

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  1. Have a lovely time at the Beyond Temptation gig - I'm so envious as I'd love to see them! :)

    Hope the new moisturiser helps and the scales turned out to be correct! :)

    I've just seen your review of YSL Belle d'Opium, which is fortuitous as I am thinking of buying a bottle for myself for Christmas. I think it's beautiful. I got out of the habit of buying perfume when the boys were babies as they didn't like me wearing it but am now determined to build up a proper perfume collection again! I've started with Philosykos and The One so need something a bit oriental and um goth...


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