Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Out with the old, in with the new....

 Changes are afoot chez moi. Or should that be mit mir? Anway. It's a bit difficult to talk about it properly, due to internet related paranoia and the like. At the moment there are too many things that need to be sorted before we can make some big announcement, at least on such a public forum as my blog!

Needless to say, it will mean a big new start for the Beard and I, and we're both really, really excited about it! We have had some weighty discussions about our future and this new start is really important for the both of us, and for our relationship.

So let me tell you a little about our history. The Beard and I have been together for nearly 4 years now. We've been living together for almost 3. We live in the house that I have lived in for 8 years. I shared this house, first with my ex husband for 4 years, then when he moved out, with a flatmate for a year. The the Beard moved in. It wasn't the ideal solution - that would have been to get a new place for our new life. Unfortunately the rental market wasn't that great at the time, and having a furry companion (the cat, not the Beard) makes life even harder. Add to that our really quite reasonable rent for the size and layout of our place. So we don't have a garden, but we do have parking, and good sized rooms.

So, for me, for both of us, a new start in a new place is exciting, because it will be completely new. Apart from our TV, but that is ours anyway! I'd been clinging on to our bed frame, because it is awesome, and very me, and Ikea don't make it anymore, but.... well. I bought it when I was still married. This new life should be about the Beard and me, and shouldn't have the ghosts of a life gone by hanging around. So I will say goodbye to my beautiful bed. There will be another one waiting for us where we end up, I'm sure of it. And it will be even more beautiful because it will be ours. 

I intend to start a series about the changes we have planned, when there comes a time when I can talk about it openly, without having to worry about who might see it and connect the dots. But for now, have a slightly oblique visual clue...


  1. Oh I think I know where this post is going and if it's what I think it is, yay! Bet you are super excited. Of course if I've got it completely wrong then this post makes no sense :D

    Caroline x

  2. I should probably mention this isn't going to happen for about 9 months yet, but still, it's very exciting to be able to finally start planning properly, and working out all the bits we need to do! Plus the imaginary furniture shopping is what is keeping us going through the stressful days!
    We will of course be ensuring we have enough space for visitors too!!

  3. Yay but still 9 months will absolutely fly by! When you're all settled I might have a cheeky request whereby I send you some funds to send me some of that gorgeous Julius Meinl coffee (I wish we'd bought more!!)


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