Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Happy World Goth Day!!

Or as one person commented on twitter, should that be gloomy?

Anyway, my day is particularly gloomy as I discovered whilst out walking on Donauinsel, that the sole of one of my beloved New Rock boots has completely cracked right where I bend my foot to walk. The rest of the boots are in perfect condition, so I have contacted New Rock after a little Googlefu suggested that they possibly offer a repair service. Given that these are £200 boots and I've only had them for just over 3 years I sincerely hope they can be repaired (I do wear them A LOT though)!

This has however left me with a shoe dilemma, namely that I am bootless without them. The only other shoes I have to wear regularly are my Converse All Stars, which are great and everything but in the slightest bit of rain they are useless. And as good as the weather is generally here (it isn't Britain!) it does sometimes rain and having shoes that are waterproof is somewhat advantageous.

So. I think I am finally going to get some Doc Martens (I can't help but chuckle at the irony of leaving the UK only to get here and buy some thoroughly British footwear). I love the 1b60s, although I am not sure that they will fit my feet. I am sure I want knee high boots though, as that is just how I roll. I might consider calf length ones if they looked right.

Doc Marten 1b60 20 eyelet boots

So tomorrow I am off on a shoe excursion. I suspect I will have to order online, as cloggs.at have the ones I want quite cheap compared to other retailers, but I need to go and try some on before I buy as I have never worn DMs before. Fingers crossed that an EU42 will fit me!

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