Friday, 18 May 2012

Getting better at making my own clothes

I make a lot of my own clothes. Or I try to anyway. I like the individuality of a garment I have made for myself, and often it is the only way to get a good fit.

However, since I lost weight I've been struggling a bit to get patterns to fit. I've apparently become a super awkward size and shape. So I think it is about time that I learn how to pattern draft, so I can adjust patterns to fit me better, and so I can start to properly design my own clothing.

So I've started an online course. Today I've watched a video and made notes on measurement taking. Next week I'll start on the rest. I'm only not starting today because I have a load of sewing to finish for tomorrow and I need to get it done!

I'm quite excited, because I want to be able to make truly individual items of clothing. I have found this amazing Aladdin's Cave of fabric on Mariahilferstrasse called Komolka - the first time I went in I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It is the biggest and most well stocked fabric store I have ever been in, with fabrics running from the very cheap to the very expensive ends of the spectrum, with everything in between.

I have so many things in mind that I want to make, so I need to get my pattern blocks made up and ready to start designing! I have a couple of projects to finish off once I have the pattern blocks made, including a dress which I hope I can salvage from the apparent mess I've made of it!

Every week I'll review my sewing activities and post my plans for the following days. I've always found learning through teaching particularly effective for me, so hopefully I can make that work for this.

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  1. How is Vienna? I'm really looking forward to PICTURES OF VIENNESE STUFF. No pressure or anything... ;)

    Also, I'd like to thank you for my current Illamasqua obsession. I used to be a MAC only girl but oh dear, I've just taken delivery of yet another black box of loveliness... ;)


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