Monday, 19 December 2011

A little a capella goes a long way

Or not, as is the case for me with Van Canto, who I cannot get enough of.

Van Canto are a German a capella metal band. Yes, a capella metal. A friend showed me their cover of Nightwish's "Wishmaster" and I watched amazed. Because this is a band with a drummer, a beautiful lead singer and a bunch of burly German blokes. Who make the most hilarious faces whilst plying their trade. Watch and see what I mean:

Van Canto: "Wishmaster"

Ok, so now you've picked your jaw up off the floor, watch this. Which still has the comedy faces. But I can't stop listening to it. 
Van Canto ft Chris Botendahl: "Rebellion"

They have done a good range of covers, and also have a wealth of their own material. I would love to see them live, and definitely hope to check them out when I'm a bit closer to their home turf than I am currently! Maybe they'll make an appearance at one of the festivals in central Europe!

Check out their website for more information, and tour dates. I have totally fallen in love with this band, they are something different and unusual. They are a good soundtrack for an afternoon of Skyrim (I'm also a little chuffed that they are following me on Twitter!).

Probably my favourite cover they have done to finish....

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