Tuesday, 8 March 2011

MAC Electra

I was catching up on a bit of Pixiwoo last night and started watching a video where they were talking about their best and worst beauty products. They started off talking about their worst MAC eyeshadow, which is apparently Electra, a colour I happen to love.

So today my make up involved Electra. Maybe it is because I'm so pale that it works, or maybe its because although I love dark dramatic eye colours, I'm also drawn to shimmery neutrals and pales, but I love this colour.

Eyes: Vanilla, Scene, Electra, Blacktrack fluidline, Chanel Inimitable mascara
I started by prepping my lid with Paint in Bare Canvas, then applied Vanilla eyeshadow over the whole lid up to the brow. I then smudged Scene into the crease, then blended Electra over the top of the lid and onto the lower lid. A touch more blending with a 217 brush, a generous slick of Fluidline in Blacktrack, then finished off with a coat of Chanel Base Beaute and Chanel Inimitable mascara in Waterproof Black (all products MAC unless otherwise stated). 

Please excuse my crappy skin - I've been ill, then forgot to take all my supplements away with me so my skin has suffered slightly!

I find it quite similar to the limited edition MAC shadow Artic Grey, although that is slightly warmer. I haven't used Electra recently, I am glad I was prompted to give it a go again!

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