Sunday, 19 June 2011

My DIY project

Inspired by Kirsty at The Leopard Anchor, I have decided to embark on a little DIY this week while the Beard is not around. I'm missing him more than a bit so I need something to get me through to the end of the week when he returns!

Anyway. When we had our new carpets fitted a couple of months ago, we made the decision to get rid of one computer, and therefore a desk, and rearrange our office so that uses the space better. The Beard also decided to only use half of his giant desk, thus making more space. The room isn't finished yet though - I've had his birthday party to get through, then essay hell (which I'm not quite out of but hopefully will be by the end of today!) so I haven't had a chance to sort the room out. There are still 2 large boxes of the Beard's stuff in the middle of the floor, but they can wait... one corner at a time right?

So this is MY corner of the room (ok, I also have a piano on the other side of the room, and I probably use the PC more than the Beard does most of the time, so effectively this room is mine...):

The desk is staying, that is my old PC desk that we retrieved from the loft for me to sew on. The stool was my grandma's towel box/bathroom stool, but it is really comfy for sitting on and the perfect height. Behind the washing horse is a giant pile of fabric in an Ikea bag. I've reserved one of these to be collected tomorrow:
All the fabric will hopefully go in there, organised in some such fashion. How I will organise it I'm not sure of yet. 

I'm also going to buy a power drill, because I don't own one and I feel like I should, so I can put some shelves up above the desk to house all my bits and bobs. I have a load of zinc plant pots that aren't doing anything since all the plants died, so I'm going to track them all down, clean them and utilise them for buttons/threads etc. I could do with a better way to store my patterns than my current arrangement (just because it is a bit full) but that may have to wait. 

I may yet get round to working on some of the sewing projects that I've not got around to yet - i have a half finished dress, 2 dresses to start and some cushion covers to finish!

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