Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Wishlist (Sep 2012)

My Wishlist (Sep 2012)

My Wishlist (Sep 2012) by m4dswine

 These are the things that I want the most at the moment (other than world peace, to win the lottery and to have perfect skin and hair). 

Clockwise from top centre:

Canon 600D: I really really want my own DSLR, mainly so I can get back into film making again. This is my preferred body - the bf has a 40D with a couple of lenses so we'd be able to share, although I do want either a 100mm or 85mm fast prime lens as well....

A is for Arsenic necklace: This appeared in my wishlist earlier in the year, and I still don't have it, so here it is again! 

Long Tall Sally grey and black stripy knee socks: I just love these!! Next time they have free delivery before November I might just buy them and have them delivered to my Mum. 

Fashionary: I found this this morning, and it completes my set. It is a sketchbook for fashion designers, with blank pages, loads of information, and pages with templates on for quick sketching (or in my case better sketching). They do loose inserts as well so when you run out of pages, or need more specific templates, like tops or bottoms, then you can just add pages. Fantastic idea and they look so neat!! 

Long Tall Sally black Camden jeans: I really would like a pair of skinny jeans this winter. I could make myself some, but getting overdyed black denim is quite difficult. I suppose if I could find stretch twill it would work ok. But these would probably fit the bill quite nicely. Shame about the price tag. 

In This Moment "Blood": Am currently quite loving this album. It will be mine!! 

There are obviously other things on my wishlist, a bottle of Chanel Noir for starters, but I could only fit 6 things in!

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