Friday, 1 June 2012

Footwear, rain and festivals

Hopefully this will not be the scene at Nova Rock...

As I mentioned last week, my beloved New Rocks have broken. Thankfully New Rock can resole them, for the sum of €80 (including pick up and return, which isn't that bad really given how heavy they are!), but alas, I need a little time to come up with that money.

But that was OK, because last week I ordered some Doc Martens - one pair of boots is not enough really, as I have zero contingency. But they still haven't arrived and I have no clue when they will arrive.

And the weather has now turned from endless days of sunshine to something a little more unpredictable. And the only shoes I really have are Converse. Anyone who has worn Converse will know that they are not the best shoes in the rain.

My other problem is that most of my wardrobe is designed around my boots. Some of it will work with Converse, but not all of it. And my biggest problem is what do I do if my boots haven't arrived, or they arrive and I haven't broken them in by next weekend, when we are off to a festival with uncertain weather? I do fortunately still have my old faithful Adidas campus, which are way more waterproof than my Converse, but they are also white. They are a decade old (wow, they are pretty much vintage by modern standards), and past experience shows that they clean up quite nicely (except when you get grass stains on the plastic) but they aren't really the kind of thing I'd normally wear to a metal fest.

Adidas vs Converse

This obviously has more to do with my own self image than it does about practicality and one half of my brain reminds me that I need to suck it up and just go with practical over pretty, because no one is going to be really looking at my feet and thinking "why is she here, she's not metal enough" (or however you think that in German). But then there is the image conscious part of my brain that tells me that a festival is a place full of impressions and this is one of those festivals where there are good facilities and stuff, and I can look nice....

Mind you,  if the weather is good I'm going to spend the whole weekend in some semi greasy oblivion trying to ensure that I don't fry in the sun, and if the weather is miserable I'll spend the whole weekend looking like a reject from Reading circa 1996 with my khaki green waterproof jacket, jeans and Adidas campus trainers.
So, Nova Rock, I'm coming. But I'm probably going to be in disguise. Please don't reject me!

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