Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I've just got back from an amazing weekend with friends and family, full of food, drink and giggles!

After travelling up to Leicester on Friday night, Saturday was spent putting the finishing touches to costumes (for everyone else, I just cooked dinner), before getting ready and heading to Redeemer @ Leicester Square for the annual Halloween fancy dress bash. I dressed as a gothic doll, complete with make up from Lets Make Up's tutorial, joints ably drawn on by The Beard and a corset from Corsets-UK. I was accompanied by the Beard who was once again wearing the Sexual Harassment Panda outfit from 2 years ago, but made up like a Zombie underneath. He did a pretty good job considering it was his first attempt at proper costume make up!

The friend we stayed with went as Plague Doctor (which a lot of people were amazed that he'd gone as a character from Assassin's Creed... we all despaired at the lack of historical knowledge these days...) and our best mate went in a costume she created inspired by H.R. Giger's Li II and other paintings.

You can only just see it in that picture, and she doesn't have the full costume on.

The club holds a costume competition annually and the first prize is a lot of tickets to festivals. A lot.

Guess who won first prize? Only our Giger lover!! Hands down the best and most original costume in the place!!

It was a wicked night and weekend, finished off by drinking real ale with family. I have most definitely NOT been on plan this weekend with my eating, but hopefully I won't have done too much damage!!

Photos by Ash Smith/Swedish Pete

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