Monday, 27 April 2009

And we're back to dark hair again.....

So, after spending the best part of the last year with my hair getting lighter and lighter - first red, then blonde, I decided last week that enough was enough and the bleach had to go.

3 days of dye ensued - first a horrible light gingery brown that I think represented my natural colour (having not seen it for the best part of 10 years I have no clue) then what was supposed to be a gorgeous plum colour but actually went a weird inky blue, then a dep burgundy to remedy the situation. Which is where I am at now. And where I shall be staying.

The colour is Garnier 100% in 426 and my hair is wrecked. Not through that, but through far too much processing. I need to be very gentle with it for a while now....

Make up in the picture is MAC (what else!) - Aquadisiac e/s, Teal pigment in crease, Blacktrack fluidline, Lancome mascara.

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